Friday, November 12, 2010

No milk, sugar or gluten, oh my!

Earlier this week my son's doctor recommended making some changes to his diet by eliminating milk, sugar and gluten. My first thought?

"HOLY COW! What else is there to eat??"

Now, if you know my son, you know what a picky eater he is and that most new foods result in flying food. Not my idea of fun. It is a bit overwhelming, so the nutritionist recommended eliminating milk from his diet first.

It sounds simple enough, until you factor in the fact that my son wants what he wants and he wants it right now.

The nutritionist recommended transitioning to Almond milk. We tried Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

My son hated it. My husband and daughter loved it.

Oh, this is going to be a fun process.

Pancakes are one food my son will eat every single time. He loves his pancakes.

So last night I decided to try making a gluten free pancake recipe the nutritionist assured us would be a sure-thing, even for a picky eater. It was my first attempt at making anything gluten free.

My son hated it. He spit it out. (So did my husband.)

I felt defeated and overwhelmed. How on earth am I going to be able to prepare and feed my family gluten free food they will actually eat?!?

Then this morning I found out something spectacular...


I can honestly say, never in my life have I ever been excited about Bisquick, or any "mix" for that matter. I am excited about Gluten Free Bisquick! :)

If anyone out there has great links, recipes, recommendations or advice, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Have you made the transition to milk or gluten free? Or eliminated any type of foods from your child's diets? Any advice? Any great links? Any great gluten free brands that are consistently delicious?

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  1. Hi - you don't know me, but I have twins who just turned three last week and a new baby and am looking for ideas and answers and saw a comment you left about routines. Anyway -- just wanted to share this link: gluten free AND crockpot = awesome for busy moms! I hope it helps!