Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thankful for my Healthy Children

I've had a pretty sobering experience this week:

A fellow mommy in my MOPS group lost her 4 month old baby girl (unexpectedly and shockingly) on Saturday night.

Did your stomach just fall into the floor and you grab at your heart? I did when I heard the news on Sunday morning.


There are no words... only sorrow. This woman is living through my (and probably every mother I know) greatest fear: losing a child. I know that she is a woman of Faith and she will one day see her sweet baby girl again, but until that time, she must survive this time, the funeral and keeping life as normal as possible for her other three children.

The news brought me to tears. It made me hold my babies even tighter. I have frequently said out loud, to hubby, friends, family, etc., how blessed and thankful I am to have healthy children. That it really is a blessing. Then to receive news on the sudden loss of another's child, it makes me that much more thankful.