Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two and a Zoo

It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that my babies are almost TWO years old. It seems like they were just babies who couldn't even hold their heads up, feed themselves, or even crawl. Now they are crazy, active, funny little toddlers who never stop until they are passed out asleep in their cribs. They are such a joy.

Today, we spent the day at the zoo as a family. Daddy is off work, so we decided to spend the day together and do something fun to decompress. We've had a lot of stress lately with a sick family member, and we needed to spend some time as a family having fun. We had a blast. The kids went crazy, loved seeing all the animals (elephants, monkeys, ducks, turtles, horses and feeding the goats were a few of the highlights.) One of the most fun parts of the afternoon was coming across a water-play feature. The kids were fully clothed, but we encouraged them to "go for it." They had so much fun running through the random fountain "squirts" and getting wet. I love my little family so very much. I could not ask for more.

I have thought of many things I'm so thankful for in recent weeks. Mostly influenced by circumstances and my father's illness, but I'm thankful nonetheless.

1000 Things I am Thankful For..some are silly, some are deep, but all things I am thankful for:

#14 - Sleepng in - and an awesome hubby who lets me sleep when I need it most.

#15 - Living near a zoo and the opportunity to expose my precious children to new opportunities.

#16 - I'm thankful I'm a Mom. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

#17 - Two amazing women who made me a Mommy. My children's birthmoms. The most amazing women I've ever met in my life and whom I think about every single day.

#18 - Loving parents. Parents who love each other and after 42 years of marriage still adore each other.

#19 - Believing in Miracles when "life" and doctors say it isn't looking hopeful.

#20 - My dad's great doctor, Allison Garner. She has saved his life several times over the last 15 years. She is what we wish every doctor could be. I'm thankful that despite my dad's horrific illness and health setbacks, she has faith, prays for her patients and has never given up.

#21 - Knowing my babies "love cups" are full when they go to bed each night.

#22 - Singing songs at bedtime while cuddling with my babies.

#23 - I love that my babygirl sings along, even though she doesn't know the words. "Sheshus (Jesus) ovvvs MEEEE da I NOOOO (know), fa da bablil tas me soooo."

#24 - Thankful that my babies WANT to cuddle with Mommy & Daddy every day.

#25 - Friends who truly know what friendship means.Who don't let you down.

#26 - That my ENTIRE family was able to be present at my babies' baptisms on 4/25/10.

#27 - That my Mom was able to baptize our precious gifts.

#28 - Our entire family was able to be together for a weekend, for the first time in over 20 years.

#29 - Wildflowers. Nature. Beautiful Trees.

#30 - Long country walks with my family. Something we recently did for the first time, several times, and LOVED IT!!!!

#31- History. Hopefully we can learn from it.

#32- Listing to my son and daughter say "ARRRGHHH" and sing the pirate song from The Backyardigans. They LOVE the song. It tickles my heart to hear them sing the song with such joy and then giggle after they say "ARGGGGHHHH!"